It has been claimed that given the circumstances, the fall of Constantinople to Ottomans (effectively and universally known in history as the Fall of Constantinople) was inevitable, simply because the Ottoman Empire had, at that point, the benefit of increasing power.

In fact, even though the Ottoman Turks (citizens of the Ottoman Empire) had attempted and failed in the past, Constantinople was by then in no way as powerful as it had once been, only two hundred years since it was recaptured from the reign of the Latins.

The fall of Constantinople to Ottomans, though not quite as simple and easy as one would expect considering the circumstances, can be therefore considered an inevitability.

Ottoman TurksAnother thing that contributed to the fall of Constantinople to Ottomans was the involvement of Sultan Mehmed II, who only ascended the Ottoman throne two years prior to their historical siege of Constantinople (although he had briefly ascended the throne before from 1444 to 1446). At the time of the siege, Mehmed II was only twenty-one years old, making his victory over the Byzantine Empire all the more fascinating. Following the fall of Constantinople to Ottomans, he claimed the title of Caesar for himself and went on to conquer more empires. Mehmed II of the Ottoman Empire is said to be the main reason for the fall of Constantinople to Ottomans, as he had a shrewd mind for military tactics and conquests.